Grandma’s Rolled Shortbread (with Gluten Free version)

A little late sharing this, I know, but Christmas just got so busy and time ran away on me. Still this is the best rolled shortbread ever!!  I have so many good memories of getting together with my cousins at my Grandmas house and making these cookies and decorating them with sprinkles.

This year we made half the recipe with regular flour and did the other half gluten free.  I wasn’t too sure how that would work, if it would even work, but they turned out delicious. The only thing I can say is use all the flour suggested, even if it is getting hard to mix in. If all the flour is NOT used, your cookies will spread while cooking and crumble when you take them off the pan.



  • 1lb butter, softened at room temperature
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 4 cups flour  (whichever kind you are making, gluten free or regular)


  • Mix the butter and brown sugar together until completely combined
  • Slowly add in flour, dough should come to a nice firm ball


  • It is a large amount of cookies that it makes, if you need or want to make that many, simply cut the recipe in half
  • Also you may need more than 4 cups depending on what your dough is like, the ball should be firm but not sticky and not so dry that it crumbles. A few cracks in the dough is good.

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