Canning Peaches

Saturday was a day of family canning at my parents. All the women (and kids) got together to do peaches and make chili sauce. If you love peaches and haven’t tried canning them, you really should. So incredibly easy! It may not seem like it with all the steps and materials I am going to write, but it really is quite simple. Everything I know came from my mom, which I am pretty sure came from her mom and mother in law.

Starting with peaches, I am not sure what kind you normally get or if you have even paid attention to the kinds. My mom has always used redhavens for canning. Three reason for this; one is they are the sweetest. Secondly, they ripen the easiest. Usually a person gets their peaches in a flat and they are not ripe yet. Best way to do this is to set out the peaches on newspaper, it may take a couple days for them to ripen, so take this into consideration. Once they are soft when you gently press, they are ready. Lastly, they come off the pit the easiest, this way you don’t wreck the peach on the way to the jar.


  • Canner Set (Don’t actually need everything in the set, but definitely the canner and jar rack, the rest certainly comes in handy)
  • Canning Jars , rings and lids
  • 2 large pots
  • 1 large bowl
  • 8 cups sugar or more depending how many peaches your canning
  • 8 cups water or more depending how many peaches your canning


  • wash or rinse jars
  • using one the large pots put in sugar and water, heat until dissolved (this is the syrup)
  • Fill one of the large pots with water and set to boil on the stove
  • once boiled, add 8 peaches to steam for less than 3 minutes
  • meanwhile fill the large bowl with cold water
  • transfer the peaches to the cold water
  • peel peaches and cut around the peach, so that it will be in half when you pull it apart
  • after you have pull it apart remove the pit and put into jar face down (this is so you can fit more peaches into the jar)
  • once the jar is full fill it to the top with the syrup, put lid and ring on (make sure the top of the jar is clean)
  • fill the canner 2/3 with water, put jars into the jar rack in the canner
  • heat to boil, once it is boiling set timer for 20minutes
  • remove from canner, and set on newspaper, should hear the wonderful sound of the lid popping shortly after


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