Shepherds Pie and More!

What an easy, quick meal for any week day or anytime really! Love how you can make this ahead of time, freeze it, warm it up etc. and it taste great.  Over the years I have been introduced to many different versions and I really can’t pick a favourite, as they are all so different and so good.  Normally I would make shepherd pie in your regular three layers:

1. Meat- fry ground beef in pan until completely cooked

2. Veggies- add corn or peas (either frozen or canned, juice drained of course)

3. Potatoes- cook potatoes in pot on stove until soft and tender, drain, whip using 2 tbsp. margarine/butter and milk until smooth

4. Butter- add a few tbsp. of butter/margarine on top of potatoes


Other versions:

1. Gravy- follow directions on packaged gravy (or use your own if you have it) add it to you ground beef and follow through with steps two, three and four

2. Salsa- add a can of salsa to the ground beef, and follow through with steps two, three and four

3. Chili Sauce- love this one, add it to the ground beef (especially good with homemade chili sauce, I will have share that in a later blog!) follow through with steps two, three and four

4. Ranch Sauce- add ranch sauce to whipped potatoes (and cheese if desired)

So if your tired of your regular old Shepherds Pie, add one of these or a combination, if your adventurous and want to spice it up!

***put in 9×13″ pan or 8×8″ pan depending on what size your making and cook at 350 degrees until the veggies are cooked/warm***

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  1. A+B says:

    I’ve tried this before (1st version) and it is an awesome meal that I’ve made for my family.


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