Fresh Garden Salad-can’t be beat!

This is the first year that I have planted lettuce in my garden, and I am totally in love! So easy to plant and maintain. So I planted four different kinds, like a spring mix, and boy have we ever enjoyed them!  It’s so nice to be able to just run out to the garden and grab a few leaves for a sandwich or a couple handfuls for a salad.

I just have the three pictured here, the other one is the same as the bottom right, except purple. I didn’t picture it because it is currently recovering from a one year old that thought she would help we pick the lettuce. Let’s just say it was looking pretty sad without any leaves, however I do believe with time it is going to come back in full force!

I got these from my cousin, she has a very productive organic vegetable and flower farm, as small plants. They bushed out in no time. I just wanted to mention cutting the lettuce, if you cut it close to the crown the lettuce will stop reproducing. So rather cut the leaves about 1 inch from the crown and the plant will continue to produce more leaves. I have been picking mine for almost 2 months now.


Once you have cut your lettuce, bring it in and wash it in the sink with cold water. Lay it out to dry on a towel. Pat it dry as well as let it air dry. Use it for whatever you want! Here are a couple salads I really enjoy.

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