Canning and Freezing Beans

Well, the garden is overflowing with beans these days! Both the yellow and green beans are in abundance, more than we can eat and more than I can give away. So it’s time to can and freeze the beans.

Let’s talk about canning verse freezing beans.  Which is better? That I cannot tell you as they are totally different. Both are quite easy to do, the biggest difference of course, is the taste. The beans that are canned have salt. Two other considerations are space and time. I know before moving out in the country we didn’t have a large freezer, and so there was no room for winter freezing. For the canned beans, you need cupboard space, or somewhere to store. Growing up we had a cellar in the basement but not everyone has those anymore.  Now, the canned beans do take three hours cook time. So that could be a factor in deciding which to do.

Canned Beans:

  • cut and wash beans
  • wash and dry jars (use either the large 1L or the smaller 500ml)
  • fill jars with washed beans
  • fill jars with water until beans are just covered
  • add 1 tsp of salt for large jars, 1/2 tsp salt for small jars
  • put NEW snap lids on and rings (rings can be reused year after year)
  • fill canner with water
  • put in jars (water should be up to the neck of the jars)
  • cook on high
  • once water has boiled, set your timer for 3hrs
  • after 3hrs turn burner off and using a jar lifter, remove jars and let cool


Freezing Beans:

  • cut and wash beans
  • boil on high for 3mins
  • drain and rinse in cold water
  • set out on a towel to dry and cool completely
  • put into freezer bag or Ziploc bag making sure all the air is out of the bag



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