Grandmas Banana Cake

I have always called this Grandmas banana cake, as she would make this and bring it as a little treat when she would come visit. It was always a favorite! Its a wonderful treat if you have company coming over for coffee or even to serve as a dessert. The cake is so moist, and add the icing on top…its simply to die for!


Ingredients for the Cake:

  • 3 bananas or 1 cup
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter or margarine
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 1/2 flour


  • mash bananas or use your mixer to smush them
  • cream bananas and sugar
  • add the remaining ingredients
  • mix well
  • cook at 350 degrees for 15-20mins or until golden brown
  • let cool

Icing Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup butter or margarine
  • 2 cups icing sugar
  • 1 tbsp vanilla


  • mix all ingredients together until you have a nice smooth icing
  • spread over cooled cake


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