Last Minute Porkchops

You ever need something last minute? You know you shouldn’t order out…again, and you want a decent healthy meal, rather than mac n cheese or hotdogs, frozen pizza etc. Well here is my go to, 30 minutes and it is ready.

IMG_8348 (2).JPG

These porkchops are so good! My family loves them and so quick to pop in. Now I will share with you my porkchop shopping.  I don’t  very often buy the porkchops that are on the Styrofoam sheet.  What I do is buy the long pork roast, usually at No Frills but Superstore and other places have them sometimes, and then I take it home and slice it into porkchops, put about 6 into a Ziploc bag and freeze them. Why do I do this? because it is so much cheaper!!

How do I cook these? Simple.

  • lay the porkchops out on a cookie sheet that has sides (so the juice doesn’t run off)
  • add your seasonings, my choice is definitely Clubhouse Maple Bacon
  • Set your oven to 400 degrees and cook for 30 minutes

So simple to do and quick and then you can just add your potatoes and veggies and supper is ready!

maple bacon seasoning

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