Growing Cuccumbers and Saving Space


So excited to have a vegetable garden in my own backyard this year! I spent a couple months planning out my garden, what vegetables are compatible and how I was going to fit everything in etc.  So much fun!

As I was planning, I was thinking about how to save space with plants that vine and grow in large patches, such as squash, cuccumbers, and watermelon. So I decided to try something I had never tried before, a cuccumber trellis. I went on pinterest, found something that looked study and not too difficult and showed it to my husband. This is what we came up with;

Materials Needed:

  • (4) 8′ 2x4s cut into 4 foot sections
  •  (8) small “L” brackets
  •  (2) galvanized/stainless hinges
  •  (8) 3″ deck screws
  •  box of 1″ screws
  • box of galvanized staples
  • roll of chicken wire

Tools Needed:

  •  Skill Saw or Chop Saw
  • Tin Snips
  • Screw Gun with a #8 bit (Red Robbie)
  • Hammer

So first step is putting the hinges on, they are so that the trellis can be folded up and stored during the winter months.

  • Take 2 of the 4′ 2x4s
  •  Put them end for end
  •  Using your 1″ screws and screw gun, attach hinge leaving about a 1/2″ gap between the two boards (this is for easy movement in your hinge)
  • Repeat this step so that you now have two sets



Then you are going to make the frame:

  • Take 2 of your 4′ 2x4s
  • Using the deck screws, going in on an angle, attach the two hinged boards with the 4′ 2x4s making a capital “I”
  • Reinforce the square by attaching an “L” bracket to the inside corners of the frame

20170603_144926 (2).jpg


  •  Take the remaining 4′ 2x4s and attach them on either side, near the bottom, measuring 34″ from the bottom of the top cross 2×4
  •  Use the deck screws, going in on an angle
  • Again use the “L” brackets to secure the frame

You should now have a complete frame for your trellis.


20170603_150120 (1).jpg

Now onto the chicken wire:

  • Roll out the chicken wire, measure 4′ 3″ and cut using the tin snips
  •  Using the staples and a hammer, attach the chicken wire on the underside of the trellis

Lastly put it in the garden!



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