Making Applesauce


Wow! I can’t believe it’s this time of year already, the harvest apple tree is just packed with beautiful green apples and the ground is scattered with apples that have ripened to yellow.  I’m thinking…It’s time to make applesauce!

You can not begin to imagine my excitement when I discovered we had an apple tree on our property.  You see, some of my best memories were making applesauce in my Grandmas kitchen.  Oh the things that I learnt!  So a couple years after she had past away, I set out to go buy my own applesauce machine just like what she had.

So what is this applesauce machine that I am talking about?  I have known a few people that just use a blender and that works ok too, but if you want to make any quantity of applesauce I recommend getting one of these.

ROMA APPLESAUCE MAKER               victorio applesaucemaker

                                   Roma Food Strainer and Sauce Maker                                  Victorio Food Strainer and Sauce Maker


I have both of these and can’t say that there is much of  a difference, they set of the same, have all the same parts, so if you are going to buy one maybe look at the different accessories you can get for one verse the other. That might help you decide.  One of the accessories I will mention is the motor, you can get a motor in place of the crank.  Myself, I have no interest, but I am also making the applesauce with children who thoroughly enjoy cranking it and watching the juice and squeeze out, not to mention the junk!

So here it is all set up, in the first picture, you can see that I have made some already, the junk (apple core, peelings etc.) come out and into a dish. In the second picture, you can see where it comes out into shallow dish, I use a large margarine container, as the size is perfect but I also used a shallow tin pan and it worked just as well.

There is  not much of a recipe for this applesauce, it is incredibly simple to make and I only add sugar but if you desired you could add cinnamon.

So here are some instructions to help you on your applesauce adventure!

  1. Picking apples: I love the harvest apples but really pick your own kind, if you want pink applesauce you will need to use the red apples.
  2. Cutting the apples: If you have nice apples, there isn’t much cutting to do, but if you are picking apples from under a tree, such as my harvest apple tree, you will soon realize that the apples are not always perfect and so some cutting will be involved. So, with the grocery store apples and places where someone has already gone through the apples, just cut them in half and put them in the pot. If you are using apples you picked up from the ground you will want to cut them and inspect them yourself. sometimes the outside looks absolutely perfect, but with one slice you will realize the apple is eaten on the inside or rotted on the inside.  This goes both ways, sometimes the outside will looked pretty bruised but the inside is perfect. Cut and put in the pot.

applesauce4 (2).jpg

3.  Cooking the apples: Once you have them in the pot, give them a rinse, whether you want to do that in the pot or in the sink, your choice. Then you are going to add a little bit of water to your apples.  Fill to about 1/4 of the pot. If you put too much water in you will have very runny applesauce, not enough, too thick. As the apples are cooking down you can decide if you will need more water in the pot. Put the pot on the stove and cook over medium to high heat until the apples are soft.


4.  Into the Strainer:  Take the apple mush and put it into the large white bowl on the top of the applesauce maker. Start turning the crank. The junk will come out into your bowl and the applesauce will come out into your shallow pan. If needed to use the plastic stomper to stomp the apples to help them go through the funnel.

applesauce5 (2).jpg

5.  Applesauce:  Once you have strained all the apples, you will have applesauce in your dish.  Add some sugar to your taste. In the large margarine dish (shown below) I add about 2 to 2 1/2 cups of white sugar, but it all depends on the amount you have and the kind of apples. After you have added the sugar, stir in in well. Wait two hours for the sugar to fully absorb into the applesauce. That doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead and have a some 😉

applesauce3 (2).jpg

Hope you enjoy not only your finished product but also the whole process.  It is so much fun to make!!

***I should note that this is freezer applesauce, so if your make large quantities, put your containers in the freezer to keep, and pull one out as you need it. For containers I like to use the plastic icecream containers that I have saved (or friends and family have saved).***


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